About Us

Ebby Sales Store: Doing Well by Doing Good

Ebby Sales Store is an online store that caters to everyday people everywhere. Everyday folks like mothers and fathers, truck drivers, hospital staff, contractors, teachers, students, farmers, market men/women, public servants, retailers, and much more.

When CNI International Consultants Inc. (owner of Ebby Sales Store) adopted the phrase, “Doing Well by Doing Good” as our company motto, we wanted our customers and potential customers to understand why we are in business, because we strongly believe that we can be successful only when we make our customers happy and satisfied. Happy customers motivate us and make us happy and successful. Therefore, we strive to guarantee the quality of the products we sell. If you need more of a particular item, or if there is an item that you would want to see on our website, you can contact us. We are here to satisfy you!

Customer satisfaction is our priority because we take pride in making our customers happy, not only by making them aware of high-quality products but also by providing prompt and thoughtful customer service. We try to solve everyday problems for everyday people with specialized and unique product offerings. We know how a flat tire or dead car battery can make someone go late to work, to a doctor’s appointment, for that important job interview or business meeting. We understand the frustration you feel when you are not prepared for that emergency.

Products are manufactured to solved problems that humans – and animals/pets – face. Companies that produce or manufacture these products use advertisements to inform us of these products and where/how to get them. Unfortunately, millions of consumers around the world may not see these adverts and therefore remain ignorant of these important products. We do our best to bring these products to you.

For example, there are millions of consumers around the world that are unaware of the portable auto battery jump starter or tire inflator that can recharge a car dead battery or inflate a flat tire anywhere; or the stain-free and waterproof shirts/tee-shirts, bed sheets, and pillows; or the anti-cut, anti-tear, anti-puncture, and anti-abrasion gloves and shirt sleeves that protects you or your kids from cuts, bruises, etc.; or the car windshield cracks repair kits; or the handsfree umbrellas that allow you to keep your hands free to do other things while protecting you from the rain; or the anti-mosquito covers and full body suits that protect you or your kids from mosquitos; or the waterproof shoe covers that protect your shoes from water, dirt, and mud when it rains; or the cellphone screen repair kit; or the self-draining soap holders or tap water faucet filter and purifier; beautiful wallpapers for your walls; car covers to protect your autos from dust, debris, pollen, leaves, rain, snow, mud, falling objects like bird droppings, and even UV exposure can scratch, fade, and damage your car finish, diminishing the value of your vehicle. And much more.

As a result, we developed this website to bring these products to those who, for one reason or another, are unaware of and/or are unable to take advantage of needed products because of where they live. Our hope is that, as we develop awareness for these products, more people will be able to solve problems that they face. And as they become aware of, and use these products, more people would become aware of the products too.

This is how we do GOOD; and this is how and why we do well. We do our best to follow John Wesley’s Rule, which encourages everyone to:

“Do all the GOOD you can,

 By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as ever you can.”