Emergency Car Tire Repair Kit For Quick Repair With Long Tire Filler

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Car Tire Repair Kit, Emergency Tool Quick Repair With Long Tire Filler. Fast And Simple, Durable


Instructions for use of tire repair gun

This product is a new technology product. When the paste enters the rubber pores, it can cross-link with the rubber molecules to generate tension, thereby blocking the leaking pores and achieving the purpose of repairing the leakage. It has a good air leakage repair effect and is simple and convenient to use.


  1. To find the air leak, you can use a water bottle filled with water to slowly pour water on the tire. Look for leaks on the tires. After determining the leak point, clean the leak hole and pull out the the nail from the puncture hole;
  2. Clean up around the air leak and remove sand and dust:
  3. Set the tire pressure of the tire to a static state, and then use the tire repair gun to repair the tire after the tire pressure drops below 1kg:
  4. Remove the anti-full cap on the top of the tire repair gun, aim at the leak, and press the handle on the side to push the tire repair cream into the tire. Generally speaking, the pressing handle can be squeezed three to four times:
  5. After the tire repair is completed, use an inflator to inflate the tire to the normal tire pressure range to drive normally

Product Manual:

  1. This product is non-corrosive and will not damage the tires and wheels, nor will it cause damage to the tire pressure gauge probe inside the tire;
  2. Scope of application: tubeless tires, repairing perforations with an outer hole diameter of less than 10mm and an inner hole diameter of less than 4mm:
  3. Inapplicable situations: (1) Inner tube and tire. This product can only repair the outer tire, not the inner tube: (2) Torn or split holes; (3) Broken holes drilled with electric drills.

Situation description:

[Tire repair cream can't get in, but it keeps squeezing out]

The tire pressure is too high. When the tire repair cream is injected into the tire, the tire inner tube pressure is too high, and the tire repair cream cannot penetrate the tire completely.

[Solution]: Lower the tire pressure below 1kg before operation.

[After the tire is repaired, it is still leaking and cannot be repaired]

After the tire patch is applied, the tire is still leaking after it is inflated. It may be that the tire has been punctured, continue driving, and the puncture is exposed too much, causing the puncture during the driving process to make the tire crack larger than the range that the tire repair cream can fill.

[Solution]: Use other tire repair tools with larger cracks to repair.

[The tyre repair gun cannot produce cream]

The tyre repair gun cream comes in a mechanical can, and there is a little air in the cream.

[Solution]: Push and pull the lever at the rear end of the tire repair gun to remove the air in the tire repair cream, and it can be used normally.

[After repairing the tire, it can drive normally, but it will leak after a long time.

Tire repair cream is a flexible non-leak type tire repair. After the tire is repaired, it is suitable for driving on conventional paved roads, and then on non-paved roads and highways. When passing through speed bumps and potholes, the tires inside the tires are compressed at high speed and subjected to impact, and the tire pressure rises instantly. It may cause high-pressure shock to the repair area of the tire repair cream, causing repeated air leakage at the tire repair hole.

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