MORIC IOS Flash Drive 256GB for iphone iPad

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MORIC IOS Flash Drive 256GB for iphone iPad Photostick USB 2.0 2 in 1 Pen Drive TYPE-C Pendrive 64GB 32GB 256GB USB C Flash USB

Instantly Download and Save All Your Videos And Photos From Your Phone. Lost data is increasingly becoming a problem for millions of Americans. If your data isn’t stored physically or is stored on your phone, you are putting yourself at risk. Statistics show 1 in 3 Americans will lose all of their photos and videos from water damage alone.

Now, we know that no one wants to spend hours recovering and reorganizing years of lost photos and videos due to some unforeseen event. Plus, a professional organizer will take a huge chunk out of your bank account; this is completely avoidable.

The Photostick Mobile has you covered and is the sleekest, simplest digital organizer on the market today.